Fontana Donnelly

To the girl who is fighting for her health...

Fontana Donnelly
To the girl who is fighting for her health...

Dear fighter,


To the girl whose life seems to be run by some illness or injury that you never ever wanted.

To the girl who has been told by doctors and specialists that there’s nothing they can do, or that the journey is only going to be long and difficult.

To the girl who feels trapped by something people can’t see, yet is the only thing she can think about.

To the girl whose very existence has been altered in countless ways beyond her control…


I need you to know I see you. I see your pain and I see your fear. I see it … because I’m in it too.


I know it can be daunting and intimidating and overwhelming and every other emotion known to man. I want you to know something though, I want you to really really REALLY hear this. Close your eyes and let this sink in…


Thank you. Honestly, thank you for fighting. Thank you for fighting against things you have absolutely no control over. The sickness, the injury…whatever has seemingly “taken control”. Thank you for fighting.


I need you to know that not only are you fighting, but you’re WINNING.


It doesn't seem like winning, I know. It doesn't seem like winning when you're bed ridden for the 4th time that week. It doesn't seem like winning when you’re trying to explain your situation to that person who just doesn't get it. It doesn't feel like winning when your body is crying out in pain or your mind is a tornado of doubt and fear. It doesn't feel like winning.


But it is.


Every day that you wake up and choose to FIGHT, you’re winning. Every day that you refuse to be DEFINED by your injury or illness, you are winning. Every day that you take the time to NURTURE and care for yourself, you are winning. Every time you turn to GOD and confide and trust in Him, or every time you let your heart CALL OUT to Him in rage or in joy - you’re winning this fight.


The win is in the little things. The victory is in the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things. That’s where the fight is won.


So, I want you to KEEP fighting, do you hear me? I want you to keep turning to the Father. Keep depending on His strength. Because the fight…honestly, is exhausting. The battle against your own body is more than you can bear alone. You can only be sustained by the love of God and the power of His Spirit. These two amazing things offered freely to you, so take advantage of them. Hold on to them for dear life.


And just keep fighting. You are worth the battle, and you are not doing it alone.


Love, your fellow fighter,





Fontana Donnelly is a girl with a heart of gold and laughter that can fill a room. She is a graduate of Summit Pacific College, and the Children's Pastor in Surrey, BC at The Crossing. Fontana fiercely loves people and sharing the story that God is writing in her life with them. 

Check her out on Instagram @fontanadonnelly