Kaitlyn Cey

To the girl who is tired of striving...

Kaitlyn Cey
To the girl who is tired of striving...

You have a dream.

Girl, you’ve got big ideas and wild hopes for your future. You don’t want to live a boring life, you want your life to count for something incredible! Yes, dream a great big, incredible, God-sized dream for your life.

But don’t let your dreams become the goal of your life. Don’t get worn out in the striving.


When I was in high school, I lived on a mission! You know how someone walks when they are on a mission? Their arms swing fast and their footsteps make thunder! I was always busy with sports, school activities, church commitments and social gatherings. Living on a mission made me feel important and accomplishments made me feel VALUABLE.


During my first year of Bible College, I fell ridiculously sick. Before the doctors were able to figure out what was wrong, I was so weak I could hardly leave my bed. I remember feeling so insignificant and WORTHLESS because I could not do anything important. I remember crying tears I didn’t understand night after night as Jesus was gently trying to teach me his love for me is NOT dependent on what I do ...

His GREATEST dream for me is to know his love, and live with the joy that spills from this incredible truth! Jesus wants us to know his voice, and above all else, to walk with Him daily. 

It’s all about relationship with Him.


Anyone can live on a mission, make plans, set goals and go after dreams... But God is the author of the most remarkable missions. In order to know the roadmap He has created for you, your relationship with Him needs to come BEFORE your God-sized dreams and goals.

Knowing God is the greatest goal.


A few years after my Bible College sickness, I became sick AGAIN and seriously limited. I was feeling uncertain, alone, and insignificant. During those months, I was able to re-evaluate my mission on earth. My quick moving feet slowed down and I adopted a new mission and a new life goal. Instead of living on a fast-moving mission, I wanted to let GOD write my mission. I sat in my small basement, and I wrote this declaration. These words of freedom have changed my life, and helped me to actually ENJOY the God-Mission that He has created for me.


Who do I want to be?

I want to know God more. I am convinced that a deep and intimate relationship with him needs to be the number one priority in my life, always. This will be the most fulfilling life. This will be the happiest inner life. No matter what is happening around me, no matter what my circumstances are; He can bring peace. Timothy Keller says transformation is less about changing your thinking or behavior, and more about changing what you worship. Jesus, I want to worship you with my life.


My prayer

God, I want to do your will as a response to your complete and perfect love. Not because I am striving to earn your approval or attention. You made me with desires and you’ve given me gifts with a purpose. So, when I use these gifts, may it be as an expression of worship to you.

I don’t want to live feeling like I don’t measure up. I trust you enough to stop striving and live just for today. I don’t want to do things just to get somewhere or accomplish something so I can feel valuable. It is enough just to do what you are calling me to in this day.  

This prayer that has changed my life.


If you are a girl tired of striving for your mission, make it your first priority to stay connected to God, and let Him shape your God-sized dream. Let Him bring about the most amazing things in and through your life as you wait for his timing, and His plans to unfold. 

God is far more concerned about your well-being and WHOLENESS than He is about you doing things for Him. He wants you to know the joy, peace and adventure of walking closely with him, and when this is your first goal, you will be amazed at the missions He has designed just for you on earth.


That same day, I wrote this declaration and I still keep it on my dresser where I see it daily:


Worship for Work

“I am enough” for insecurity

Authenticity for people pleasing

Self-compassion and God’s grace for perfectionism

Gratitude for fear

Trusting faith for certainty

Play and rest for exhaustion

Calm and stillness for bustling lifestyle

Meaningful work for “supposed to”

Laughter, song and dance for “Always got it together”

Grace for striving


On that same day, I jotted in my journal:

What do I want to be remembered for? One day, I want my epitaph to read: Kaitlyn Cey. Loved Well. Obeyed God.


Sweet girl, what do you want to be remembered for?

Who do you want to be?

What prayer can you bring to your Father in response to all of this?


If you’ve been worn out and tired, trying to claim this life mission on your own, come to Him and find a perfect place of rest for your weary heart.

His grace is PLENTY. And, girl, you are FREE to leave the striving behind.






Kaitlyn Cey is a teacher, pastor and lover of God and His people. She teaches high school math to a great group of students in Saskatoon, and also directs the women's ministry at Elim Church. Kait also leads Mirror Mirror YXE, an outreach to teen girls in their community - and has just published her first book of devotions, "Stand Secure" (Check it out HERE!)

You can find more of Kaitlyn's writing  in our GIRL365 Devotions and on her personal blog! We think she's pretty awesome.


Instagram: @kaitcey