Lisa Mitchell

How To Read The Bible

Lisa Mitchell
How To Read The Bible

What is the Bible, Anyway? 

Reading your Bible can be a BIG task! It IS the Word of God, and it tells us inside that it is living and active (check out Hebrews 4:12), meaning it has the power to actually change our hearts. Thousands of years after it was written, it is still relevant in teaching us all kinds of things (2 Timothy 3:16-17) - but it is also a Story. It is the story God wrote about Himself and how we are supposed to live as His children. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good story and this one is the best!

The Bible was written by many different people over hundreds of years, but it was God telling His story through them the whole time. 

The word “Bible” literally just means “book”, and if you see it called “The Holy Bible”, that’s saying it’s special, set apart - as it’s God’s Word, not just something people made up. And there is only one book like it.


Old & New Testaments

You’ll see that there are two main sections – The Old Testament & New Testament, and each of these sections have a bunch of different books in them.

The Old Testament is everything from the creation of the world up to the time before Jesus came. And the New Testament is when God sent Jesus, and things changed. Things like: how people saw religion, how people understood God, how people experienced His forgiveness (hence the word ‘New’). The New Testament also follows the work and teaching of the first churches after Jesus’ death and resurrection. 


Names & Numbers

Each book has a name, and then chapters and verses to help you find things and remember what you read. Example John 3:16, means the book is called “John” and it is Chapter 3, Verse 16. If you’re not sure where to find a certain verse, there is usually an Index or Table of Contents to help you out. 

(Note: You can look it up online if you’re stuck. Bible Gateway is a good website and there's also a free App!)


Things to Think About

There are so many different ways to read your Bible. Honestly, search it on Google or Pinterest, and you’ll get so many ways to do it that your head will spin! So, whether you read 3 chapters a day or just a few verses at a time, what’s most important is that you’re not just glancing over it but actually thinking and reflecting on what you’re reading.

To help you out, here are some things to think about:

  1. What stood out to you? Read the verses, then stop and listen. Is God pointing something out? Why?
  2. What was happening around the verse or verses that stood out? Google it or ask your pastor.
  3. Why is that verse in the Bible?  What is special about it?
  4. How does what you read apply to you right now?
  5. What is one thing you can do to change your life because of that verse? Talk to God about that one. Listen to what He says and ask Him to help you make that change.


You can also download and print our Journal Pages, which will give you different questions to think about as you read!


Don’t Give Up!

Whatever way you do it, don’t give up. It may take some time to get comfortable finding different verses, and understanding what they mean. But you’ll find over time, you will learn SO much about how great our God really is!

[Starting January 1, Girl365 will be offering a whole year of Devotionals/Bible Study guides. You’ll be able to download them right here from our website and print them to use on your own or with a group. Each week is a different topic, and every day has a verse or section to read, plus some things to think about to go along with it. Make sure you check it out!]