Lisa Mitchell

How To Pray

Lisa Mitchell
How To Pray

Sometimes prayer can feel weird… I get it… it can feel like you’re talking to yourself. And what do you actually say to a God who is so big but knows all your thoughts?


Like Talking to a Friend 

In the Bible, Jesus talks about Himself as our friend and God also calls Himself our Father. I think that is for us, as it helps us to know that God loves us so much that we can share anything and everything with Him and He’ll still accept and love us!

Think about a good friend or the person you’re closest with in your family. Now, imagine you never talked to each other. That would be sad, right? And you probably wouldn’t stay very close. If God is our Friend and good Father, then He definitely wants us to talk to Him!


Jesus Taught Us 

If you’re stuck on things to talk to God about, don’t worry, that’s normal. Even Jesus’ closest friends and followers (the Disciples) asked him to teach them how to pray so they must have wondered the same thing. You can check out His response, known as “The Our Father Prayer” in Matthew 6:9-13. You don’t have to pray this prayer word for word, but it gives us a bit of an outline to help us out.


Some Steps You Can Try 

If you get stuck, you can try these things (We included the fancy names for the different kinds of prayer, but you don’t need to memorize them or anything!):

1. Praise: Tell God all the awesome things you know are true about Him 

2. Thanksgiving: Thank God for all the things happening in your life and the good things you have 

3. Repentance: Tell God the places that you have messed up, ask for forgiveness and for His help to change 

4. Intercession: Ask God to help the people around you that need Him

5. Conversation: Tell God what’s happening in your life and your thoughts/secrets 

6. Petition: Ask God for help with the things that are worrying you 


Don’t Hold Back 

Remember that God loves you no matter what you do or say. He’s pretty big and can handle all of our emotions, good or bad. It’s okay to cry or even get angry. It’s okay to be yourself, or even be a bit silly. He doesn’t think we’re weird, even if we tell Him about the cat videos we’ve been watching! 

He actually already knows what we’ve done, what we’ve said, and even the things we think about. But even still, He asks us to come to Him, to talk to Him, and to open our hearts to hear Him talk back to us. In closing, if He asks us to do it, we can trust that it’s important, and meant to be pretty great.

Don’t give up if it feels strange at first, if you haven’t prayed in a while, or if your prayers are short. Know that God just loves to hear you when to come to Him – no matter what, when or where! Keep going, and I know that great things will happen.