You are STRONGER than you know. More LOVED than you'll ever realize. Your heart is WORTH fighting for.

*Fall & Winter BRAVE HEART BOXES sold out! Our NEXT SET will be available this SUMMER*

Each Brave Heart Box is packed with love from the GIRL365 team, filled with self-care items, girly goodies, spiritual encouragement, and lots more!

Our mission is to remind girls of their STRENGTH + VALUE ...

Specifically for those struggling with Self-Worth, Self-Harm, or those who are journeying through difficult seasons of life.

The Boxes are available for purchase from our website Shop HERE, and we will also have some available to send to girls in times of need for Free (see form below). 

re-launch happening SOON !!


Please note that we may not be able to send a free Box to EVERY request, but we will follow up with you either way. We send out as many as we can, but priority will go to girls who are in the greatest time of need for support. If you would like to purchase a Box, please head over to our Shop. Thank you. 

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My Name:
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Please include nominees AGE, as well as a bit about life situations, and why receiving a Brave Heart Box would be meaningful at this time.