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Bethany Ma

Lead Team
Bethany Ma

Born in:

Vancouver, BC

Current Location:

Vancouver, BC

Current Life:

I’m in my third year at SFU studying Communications and Business and will be continuing my studies in the next year with their CMNS co-op program. I played golf competitively since the age of 15 and played in SFU’s NCAA DIV II team for 2.5 years before switching paths.


Still plowing through school getting my Bachelor of Arts in communications and a business minor!

I became a Christian when...

Since I could remember! I grew up in a Christian home, went to Sunday school, and went to Pacific Academy from second grade to senior year. I have always had Jesus in my life, but I remember asking Him, myself, to come into my heart during my 8th grade grad trip. Having a relationship with Jesus is like having any other friendship - you need to work on it, prioritize it, and pray about it! There will be times I feel like He’s far away - but I know he’s always right here - I just have ask Him to give my mind and heart peace so that I may hear Him.

A few of my favourite things...

Anything coffee - coffee itself, the smell of it, the warmth of it in my hands in my favourite mug, coffee cake and thinking of coffee on a Sunday morning with the sun peaking through my windows. The little things: the beach, quality time with my family and boyfriend, the stillness in the morning, birds chirping in the spring, the sunrise and sunset.

What I would say to my teenage self:

“You are loved. So incredibly loved. Do not compare yourself to others because we are here to support and love one another. Instead of saying, ‘I wish I could be more like ___, ask that God will show you what His plans are for you, what are your strengths and your calling, and help you to help those other girls to fulfill His Kingdom mission”

A Bible verse I love:

1 Peter 3:3-4 (CSB)

“Don’t let your beauty consist of outward things like elaborate hairstyles and wearing gold jewelry of fine clothes, but rather what is inside the heart — the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worthiness God’s sight.”