Sarah-Kate Salmon


Born in:

Winnipeg, MB    

Current Location:

Burnaby, BC


Current Life: 

Loving the #nannylife ! I take care of a 1.5 and 3 year old boy everyday, and absolutely adore them! I am also the worship leader for Elevate Young Adults, a youth leader at Central Christian Assembly, and help at Southmount Salvation Army church, as I prepare to apply to the Training College to become a Salvation Army Officer (aka. a Pastor).



I went to Summit Pacific College and received my 4 year Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a Major in Youth Leadership! I have been leading worship for the last several years, and have been a nanny, barista, day camp and summer camp counsellor, and also run my own photography business! I have interned at a few different churches, and helped open and run a youth drop in centre for at risk youth in the Edmonton area!


I became a Christian when...

I had been attending church since Kindergarten when my friend invited me. I came for the cookies, and stayed for the songs and this feeling I was loved… It got real for me at a summer camp when I decided I absolutely needed to surrender EVERYTHING and stop sitting on the fence! I had contemplated it for a long time, but it came down to the ultimate decision sitting in my bedroom alone when I heard God speak. I knew it was the right decision… the best "yes" I have said in my entire life!


A few of my favourite things...

Coffee, music (listening, creating, discovering), children laughing, children singing, hugs, Mellow Moments tea by Stash, writing, Apple products, emojis, smoothies. I also love all the seasons for different reasons, ministry and reading.


What I would say to my teenage self:

“Leave it all at the Cross”, “Be yourself” and “High school moments won’t matter later on…"


A Bible verse I love: 

James 4:8

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."   

God has ALWAYS been waiting for me to walk into His big hug, but I had to choose to take the steps towards Him! We must choose to draw close to Him… daily. That’s why things like devotions are SO important!