Sam Stanley

Sam Stanley

Born in:

Burnaby, BC        

Current location:

Surrey, BC


Current Life:

Worship and Prayer Ministries Leader at Youth Church Surrey, and Program Manager for Food for Families which provides healthy food for low income families in East Vancouver. Also working towards obtaining my certificate in Events and Wedding Planning.



Graduated high school in 2009. Worked as a behaviour interventionist with an amazing four and half year old with autism. Came on board at City Reach as the Program Coordinator for Food for Families in 2014, before stepping in as Manager


I became a Christian when...

I grew up in church, but didn’t have a relationship with God at all until I was 19 years old and was exposed to who God truly was; and I have been in love ever since! Throughout my relationship with Him I have been able to explore and grow in passions I’ve always had: singing, helping others, and organizing fundraisers and events to seek and save the lost.


A few of my favourite things…

Exploring new places, writing songs, eating at random restaurants, new ink, drinking tea and watching movies (especially at the drive in!).


What I would say to my teenage self:

“You’re going to make it.”
That is something I wish I could tell myself when I was a teenager trying to get through the absolute hardest moments in my life; because I felt, too often, that there was no way I could, and often, I didn’t even want to. But I did; and if that is possible- literally- anyone can. In spite of anything anyone is going through,  “you’re going to make it.”


A Bible verse I love:

Exodus 14:14 

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” 

It’s encouragement in trials and triumphs, that whatever I’m going at or doing, I’m not going at it alone; and it isn’t always about taking leaps forward or doing anything, sometimes it’s simply about being and letting God do His work in you.