Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell

Born in:

Edmonton, AB        

Current Location:

Powell River, BC


Current Life: 

I am a wife, a Mom, and a Pastor. My three favourite people in the whole world are my husband and my two kiddos. I also get to work with kids ages 0-12 every week at our church, as they learn about who God is and who He made them to be.


I became a Christian when...

I was 4. I remember being wrapped in my Mom’s blue raincoat and knowing an uncontrollable need to ask Jesus to forgive me. As I got older, I understood more of what that decision meant and it has been an adventure of living it out since that day.


A few of my favourite things...

My family, Disney, the ocean and Ben & Jerry’s ‘If I Had a 1,000,000 Flavours’ ice cream


What I would say to my teenage self:

“RELAX!” I am a planner, so my life was planned for the next 40 years in Grade 10. Looking back I wish I had trusted God more and had more fun on the journey rather than planning and waiting for the destination.


A Bible verse I love:

Hebrews 6:19

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”