Writing Team

Bryanna Bone

Writing Team
Bryanna Bone

Born in:

St Catharines, ON    

Current Location:

St Catharines ON


Current Life: 

Studying at Tyndale College, University & Seminary in Psychology and Biblical Studies.



Former Worship Leader and Children's Director at St James Montreal. Former Nanny in London, UK. Former Worship Leader at Elevation Church, Toronto. I have also served as the Children and Youth Intern, and as a volunteer for many years at Central Community Church in St Catharines, and as the Children’s Intern for one summer at Broadway Church, Vancouver. 


I became a Christian when... 

I was worshipping at camp as a child. I felt a divine joy and presence that flowed through my being. I couldn’t describe it, but couldn’t deny it – there is a God who loves me


A few of my favourite things... 

CS Lewis, Harry Potter, Tattoos, Dogs, Stories, Singing and Song Writing 


What I would say to my teenage self:

“The most important and greatest use of your time, is your daily, disciplined one-on-one time with God; now until you're last day on Earth. Let meditated prayer be the centre of your day; the centre of your life.”


A Bible verse I love:

Romans 11:29

“God's gifts and his call are irrevocable!”